Barrett Duna Professional Data Scientist

Barrett Duna Professional Data Scientist

Over the past two years, over 90% of the data in the world was generated. Big data is the new norm. Each day 2.5 quintillion  - 1018  - bytes of data are produced. To make use of this big data scientists apply machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve complex problems and teach computers to do important tasks.

Barrett Duna has specialized in machine learning and AI because of his interest in the application of ML/AI algorithms to big data. This website serves as an online introduction to Barrett and his professional background and portfolio for some of his work.

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B.S. Mathematics/Economics at UCLA

PhD Coursework in AI, Econometrics and Applied Sampling.

Barrett Duna's Skills

Python, R, SQL, Microsoft Office Suite, Deep Learning Neural Networks, KNN, K-Means Clustering, Multivariate Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Time Series Forecasting, SVM and more.

About Barrett Duna

Learn more about professional Barrett Duna including his educational and data analytics experience on his about page.

ML/AI Algorithms

Check out Barrett Duna's machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms coded from scratch.


Here is Barrett Duna's data science resume. It includes education, work experience, links to profiles and more.


Barett Duna's Blog covers everything data science - Python, R, machine learning, AI and more.

Check out my Latest Project...


The Expected Revenue Maximization (EMR) Algorithm is a product recommendation engine based off the idea of recommending products that maximize the expected value of the purchase product bundle revenue.

Click the link for a PDF containing an explanation of the algorithm, a comparison to a common naive approach, a simulation of the algorithm with test data, analysis of the simulation and accompanying Python code.